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How to Rate Music – Beyond music ratings
How you can easily find the music that’s relevant to you.

Do we need a system to rate music?
In an era of mass music media that begs for better music selection...

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Quantifying Music Quality, to Appreciate Music Value

The purpose of music ratings has always been well known to serious music lovers.

EARs© is the first working tool that rates music efficiently, providing True Music Ratings©.

Based on listeners ranking, our system rewards music that maintains quality over time.
In other words, longer tracks of equal ranked music are rewarded with higher ratings that express their true value contribution to the album and to listeners.

Results are exciting and efficient!

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  • True Music Ratings© for all your music, albums, and individual tracks
  • Organize, Categorize, Compare, and Classify your music
  • Make better music selections
  • Manage your collection and improve your music sessions
  • All Genres: Jazz, Rock, Classic, Blues etc.
  • Discover new music
  • Get acquainted to your music collection
  • Appreciate music value

What We Do

We are building a fresh new database of True Music Ratings©.

Our goal is to establish EARs© as a recognized standard of music ratings, that would serve the music industry and its audience.

Music Collections Rating Contest!


Our first contest is taking off with the fresh launch of allmusicrating!
Winners will be rewarded for rating their music collection with Cash $$.

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How to rate music banner - web

How to Rate Music – Beyond music ratings

If we could have placed our music on a measurable scale, and tagged it by its quality, it would have then proved to be very helpful in making better music selections and managing large collections of music.

Press Release: New Book

Press Release: New Book

Allmusicrating new book reveals how to match listeners with their music.


The Art of Rating Music, expanding music exploration

The new book, The Art of Rating Music introduces the principles of music rating systems, the concept, the benefits, and the practical use of applying music ratings.


Do we need a system to rate music?

In an era of mass music media that begs for better music selection - music rating services have great benefits to support the music audience and the business.

Press Release Banner - allmusicrating


Tel-Aviv, IL April 4, 2017 - allmusicrating (2017) has launched this morning its first music rating system called EARs©.

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