Allmusicrating (2017) is an application and a database that measures the quality of music, providing True music ratings of individual tracks, complete albums, artists, and music of all genres.

Driven by a web based community of users, the ART© rating engine measures the quality of music over Time.

Our search engine is powered by MusicBrainz* which is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.

We have officially launched on April 2017 , and are currently in a process of accumulating new ratings.

I would like to personally request you and the entire community of music lovers, no matter your musical taste style or genre – to team up in this effort and provide your input, your ratings, and your feedback on any issue or recommendation you may have.

We would love to hear your voice and promise to keep you updated and respond to all of your suggestions.

About Me

Best things in life are free.

Janie Bradford / Berry Gordy, Jr.

Nissim Elias Ears

If best things relate to love, then music has rewarded me much more than money could buy. Ever since I remember myself, probably just like you – music has been my best friend.
We have been engaged together in thousands of listening sessions, discovering original music and exploring fresh new avenues.

The need to fully absorb this passion, has challenged me to find better answers on how to explore music, and how to maximize the experience on each music session.
Allmusicrating is the result – or perhaps one of the results of what had followed this quest.

Some of my other projects are listed down here.

Peter Drucker who was a remarkable writer, a consultant and a teacher had famously once said in his words:

If you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it.

Peter Drucker

My goal and my vision is that Allmusicrating will mature into a recognized music rating system that will serve as a common platform for measuring the quality of music.

EARs© at Allmusicrating is in fact just part of my bigger perception over music exploration…

My Other Projects

Some of my previous work includes the following projects:

  • The Art of Rating Music (2018)
    The Art of Rating Music is a journey into the world of music exploration.
    The book provides practical and conceptual context to one of the biggest challenges in today’s music landscape – how to match listeners with their music.
    The book covers the principles of music rating, and shows how to adopt the concept towards expanding music exploration and having a blast on everyday music sessions.
    A must-read for power listeners and those who deeply care for music.
  • Allmusicrating (2017)
    Allmusicrating is a free music rating web service and a database that measures the quality of music over their Time Length, based on users ranking.
    The system provides True music ratings© of individual tracks, complete albums, artists, and music of all genres.
  • Expanding Music Exploration (scheduled 2019)
    A fascinating practical book that presents a new approach to music exploration with easy-to-adopt original ideas and how to turn your everyday music session into a blast. The book will be available in the spring of 2019.
  • RHM, Robotic-Human-Massager (2006)
    A paramedical technology venture with a registered U.S.patent, targeting unanswered markets such as nursing, and well-being.
    The Robotic Human Massager complements human massage with its ability to instantly learn and duplicate the human hand, providing affordable massage that’s easily available 24/7.
    This 10-year project was sadly abandoned for the lack of sufficient funding only to leave with great assets of priceless experience, and an amazing venture of great values.

My Favorite Music

Anything that rocks from the mid-sixties beginning with the British Invasion and up to date Heavy Metal (HM).
From music of the 60’s with the Psychedelic and Flower generation of Woodstock, turning into underground, evolving to Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, NWOBHM, Classic Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative and Grunge – and not to forget Black, Death and Doom Metal.
And the bands, “wowww” – there are just to many great names to list here, and then I also have to be careful for all of those I do not mention… so lets skip on this…

Contact Me

If you have any questions or suggestions, I invite you to please Contact Me.

Thanks for being with us.

Enjoy your music – enjoy life.

Cheers !!!
Nissim Elias
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