True Music Ratings

Do we need a system to rate music?

  • June 28, 2017


In an era of mass music media that begs for better music selection - music rating services are now providing ‘healthier’ choices of music, benefiting the audience, and supporting the music business.


Time and awareness that would take to educate music consumers to these new music rating services, would eventually pay off and bring more music – relevant music - to listeners, and keep everyone happy.

This is for you, for the serious music lover, who has a large music collection, and listens to tons of music - constantly.


Music influencers who follow evolving new services should take special notice to the introduction of this new service in the music landscape.


Music rating services have inherent power to boost up music discovery.


Why, and how?

There is a void today, where the lack of a standard for quantifying and measuring the quality of music is preventing the proper management of music.

Listeners are fed with music by recommendations that do not always match, and do not fit everyone.

Unlike, and opposed to these recommendations, music rating services make a natural perfect fit for helping music consumers organize, categorize, manage music content, and tag music by quality.


So, how can music rating boost music discovery?

Music ratings can boost music discovery by screening out irrelevant content, arranging music by quality, and by presenting this content in an organized structure.


When you have the capability to measure a process or an event, you can then manage it efficiently.

The music audience was never before given the opportunity to be familiar with these capabilities because of the lack of appropriate means;
There was simply not a system available, a working system that could "truly" rate music efficiently on a high resolution of quality.

But that’s all about to change. Soon.


Fact 1:

You, actually we all, are saturated with massive music content – old and
new music.


Fact 2:

We do not have the appropriate means to make better selections of music.


And so, everybody is complaining.

- Music consumers cannot handle so many choices of “mega music content.”

- Creators are complaining about low royalties because:

There is no real loyalty in a reality of “fast music consumption.”


Fact 3:

Music selection is almost random and coincident, and at the end of
the day it is very hard to follow and track music.

And what can you do about it?

1. You could go on following recommendations with music discovery services,
but that does not always work, and it does not suit everybody.

2. You could search music by yourself, read about music, research, follow
favorite shows, ask, listen to radio and streamers, and find what’s right
for you.

Results would then be excellent, but

... that’s really hard work.

3. And… You could make your own music selections, focused on what is
relevant to you - by your own taste, with the assistance of music ratings.

Forget those next-after-next recommendations.

Your own music selections, your own taste – right on – without skipping.

I know; you have your doubts and questions about this, so let’s take this
one step at the time.

And I know that you have to be encouraged to respond.

So, - for the love of musicp l e a s e,

- take a minute and share your thoughts,

- tell us if you are in favor of rating music,

- or not,

- and why?

Your feedback will help by all means.

Negative feedback will make us improve, and positive feedback would charge
us with more energy to boost up this free music rating web-service.



For the love of music!

Nissim Elias


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