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  • May 2, 2018


Finally, the book is out …!!!
The Art of Rating Music - Expanding Music Exploration is now available at Amazon in three formats:

Kindle Edition
Paperback (Print)
Full colored (Print)

With all the hard work behind, the long sleepless nights, and the challenges, this was a double effort project:
- Building the first True music rating system and a web-service.
- And writing the first book that covers everything about music rating.

Front and back covers of The Art of Rating Music

Book Description


The Art of Rating Music is a journey into the world of music exploration.

The book provides practical and conceptual context to one of the biggest challenges in today’s music landscape – how to match listeners with their music.

This book covers the principles of music rating, and shows how to adopt the concept towards expanding music exploration and having a blast on everyday music sessions.

Music rating systems are an essential missing component in today’s music landscape.

Many services have emerged trying to solve this problem, providing users with star ratings, numeric scale ratings, likes, votes, recommendations and alike.

However, none of these services have proved to really measure the quality of music, nor have they succeeded to provide true music ratings.

The Art of Rating Music introduces the principles of music rating systems, the concept, the benefits, and the practical use of applying music ratings.

The book goes beyond music rating - from a tool that efficiently measures the quality of music, to a working system that makes better selections of music, and ultimately the adoption of the concept towards expanding music exploration; - having a blast on every music session.


“AllMusicRating is the best help I've found when it comes to rating
music albums, and it made me reconsider all the albums I've listened to
- starting from 0 all over again.”

Niels Gheyle - Ghent, Belgium





--My Favorite Music


Beyond Music Rating


When Music Became a Commodity

Where Do We Go Now? Sweet Child O' Mine

What Makes a Music Session Enjoyable?

--The Third Factor

Music Discovery and Music Rating Services

A Working System


Do We Need a System to Rate Music?

What Are the Benefits of A Music Rating System?

Who Needs a System to Rate Music?

HOW TO RATE MUSIC Beyond Music Ratings

1 False Consensus over Music Ratings

2 Ranking vs. Rating

2A. Music Ranking

2B. Music Rating

3 How to Rank Music?

4 Beyond Music Ratings

a) Acquaintance

b) Context

c) Music Consistency

d) Relativity

e) Complexity

f) Wear off

g) Early Releases

h) Lyrics and Music-Melody

i) Music Artwork

5 How to Turn Your Music Session into a Blast?

6 This Is How I Manage My Physical Music Collection

CONCEPT OF EARs Essential Album Rating Sys

The Basic Concept

--Rating over Time

--Accelerated Rating

Ranking vs. Rating

The EARs© System

How Does The Allmusicrating System Work?

Quantifying Music Quality

How to Use the Allmusicrating System


Take Me Down to the Paradise City


Applying Music Ratings to Acquire Music into Your Collection

Applying Music Ratings to Select What Album to Play

Applying Music Ratings to Choose What Tracks to Play


Music Interaction and Music Engagement

--Music Interaction

--Passive Music Interaction

--Active Music Interaction

--Music Engagement

Music Discovery

--The Misconception of Music Discovery

Music Exploration



# # #



- Nissim Elias is an all-time music lover, a follower of music trends, and a Music Explorer.

He is the author of The Art of Rating Music 2018, and the creator of the first music rating system and web-service EARsã at



For the love of music!

Nissim Elias


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